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You’ve made it to the end of your braces journey and you’ve finally been told you’ll be getting them removed at your next appointment. This is a very exciting time, however, there are a few steps you need to take before getting your braces removed.

  • Keep up with your dental hygiene: throughout your journey with braces you should have kept up with your dental hygiene. It’s important to understand that how your teeth will look after your braces have been taken off with largely depend on how well you took care of them while they were on your teeth. Once your braces have been removed you may see yellow tartar marks on your teeth called “white scars” which can tell you a lot about how well you’ve taken care of your teeth.
  • Having your braces removed will be quicker than the application: the time it will take to remove your braces from your teeth will be much shorter than the amount of time it took to apply them. There isn’t a set amount of time it takes to remove them, but prepare for it to take about an hour to have the brackets removed and the steps following that.
  • A plier is used to take brackets off: when you go in to have the brackets removed your orthodontist will use special pliers to remove them from your teeth. The tool will separate the bracket from the tooth, most often in one piece, and they’ll do this for your entire mouth. If you hear odd sounds while they’re removing the brackets, such as cracking, know that this is totally normal and to be expected. You may feel pressure when the brackets are being removed, but you shouldn’t feel any pain.
  • After the brackets are removed: once each bracket has been removed, your orthodontist will take time to remove the leftover residue on each tooth. This residue is the glue that was used to apply the bracket to the tooth, and your orthodontist will use a special tool to scrape off the remnants. This shouldn’t take long and will depend on how much glue was used in the application process.
  • Finishing touches: once your teeth have been cleaned, your doctor will likely take a mold of your teeth to make a retainer. Wearing your retainer as much as possible after having your braces removed will ensure your teeth stay where they are and won’t shift in your mouth.

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